Our products

Industrial services

CAA also operates in the field of containers and pressure systems by offering industrial services with FCAW, SMAW, TIG and submerged arc qualified welders; carpenters, carpenter assistants and plumbers; construction of pantograph made parts, shaped and processed with machine tools; piping.

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Aluminum fixtures and facades

In addition to the field of carpentry, with the same passion and quality, CAA works in the field of aluminum. The flexibility of the company allows designing, producing and installing aluminum products throughout the national territory, in accordance with the requirements of customers in terms of speed, cost and above all quality.

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Solar structures

The C.A.A. company - considering its business flexibility – is able to adapt its production to the market needs and the customer, and in recent years has studied and developed new structural systems to support photovoltaic panels.

The studies, the new products and the modern production processes have been successfully approved by those who operate in this field. The power and flexibility of the technical and production departments allow studying and implementing customized systems for every need. The latest applications carried out allowed excluding the use of concrete in favor of a galvanized steel profile suitably dimensioned and vibrodriven into the soil.

Steel constructions

The CAA metal carpentries - thanks to the technical staff - can meet the needs of each client: architecture, civil, industrial, buildings for the service sector or structures for public works.

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