Aluminum fixtures and facades

In addition to the field of carpentry, with the same passion and quality, CAA works in the field of aluminum. The flexibility of the company allows designing, producing and installing aluminum products throughout the national territory, in accordance with the requirements of customers in terms of speed, cost and above all quality.

For many years our company has had ISO 9001: 2008 and has included within the standard procedures that guarantee the quality of the product in terms of production and installation customized controls that further attest the high quality of our products.

After the installation in the workshop of a semi-automatic production line, with various CNC machines connected in cascade to each other, operated and programmed via a computer network directly from the technical offices, the production potential has become equal to 30/40 pieces per day in terms of window fixtures and shutters, and about 100 sq.m. of curtain wall per day.

Thanks to its organization, many years of experience gained, equipment, staff management, and through the use of sophisticated computer systems for structural calculation and design, CAA is able to produce on request fixture abacuses, executive metric calculations for DL, all the calculations required for the appropriate sizing in terms of profiles, glasses and, if necessary, support substructures. Moreover, we are able to submit the products to laboratory tests, in order to test the actual characteristics of the finished fixture (acoustic tests, water and wind seal, etc.).

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