C.A.A. S.r.l. – Steel and Aluminum Constructions

In December 2013 CAA S.r.l. took over, carrying on with its industrial activity, Gargano Metalmeccanica owned by Francesco Gargano, founded in 1978. By picking up the heritage of a historical reality rooted in the whole country, today CAA wants to deal with domestic and foreign markets, with the aim of improving furthermore the quality of the services provided in order to become the leader in the engineering, construction and industrial sectors.

The steel structures, fixtures and facades in aluminum, all CE marked, produced and installed by the company can meet the needs of each client and provide competitive solutions for small, medium and large projects.

Moreover, thanks to the ongoing training of its highly qualified employees and the refined specialization, the company provides companies, operating in the field of containers and pressure systems, with industrial services.

Passion and expertise are the elements behind the work of this new reality, which, thanks to thirty years of experience, constant study, ongoing research for new technological applications and a highly professional staff, is able to offer highly innovative advanced solutions.

The head office is located in the territory of Castellaneta (Ta) and has:

5,000 sq.m. enclosed production plants, service areas covering approximately 11,000 sq.m., a two-floor building intended for executive, administrative, and technical offices.

The company currently engages 25 work units and includes in its staff management staff, foremen, team leaders, technical and administrative employees, specialized fabricators, experienced installers, maintenance technicians, warehouse workers, generic employees.

The strength of CAA is the flexibility that allows the company to design, manufacture and install aluminum products throughout the national territory, in accordance with the requirements of customers in terms of speed, cost and above all quality.

Indeed, for years now, CAA has adopted a number of innovative procedures that guarantee the quality of the product in terms of production and installation. After the installation in the workshop of a semi-automatic production line, with various CNC machines connected in cascade to each other, operated and programmed via a computer network directly from the technical offices, the production potential has become equal to 30/40 pieces per day in terms of window fixtures and shutters, and about 100 sq.m. of curtain wall per day.

Thanks to its organization, many years of experience gained, equipment, staff management, and through the use of sophisticated computer systems for structural calculation and design, CAA is able to produce on request fixture abacuses, executive metric calculations for DL, all the calculations required for the appropriate sizing in terms of profiles, glasses and, if necessary, support substructures.

Finally, CAA is able to submit its products to laboratory tests, in order to test the actual characteristics of the finished fixture (acoustic tests, water and wind seal, etc.).

All CAA products are CE marked. Further quality assurance in compliance with European directives.

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